425 Dental Hygiene Scholarship
for Pima Medical Institute – Seattle Campus
Dental Hygiene Program


425 Dental is excited to announce a scholarship opportunity for students enrolled in the Hygiene program at the Pima Medical Institute. We are committed to supporting aspiring dental professionals and fostering their growth by providing financial assistance, mentorship, and valuable learning experiences. This scholarship aims to recognize outstanding students and offer them the chance to connect with our leadership team, gain industry insights, and explore the business of dentistry to become a stronger provider.


Scholarship Details:

Scholarship Amount: Two (2) selected recipients will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship to support their educational journey at Pima Medical Institute- Seattle Dental Hygiene Program. Payment made directly to PMI.

Minimum GPA: 3.0 and be a student in good standing.

Mentorship Program: In addition to the monetary award, scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program with the leadership team at 425 Dental. The mentorship program includes:

  • Exclusive Mentor Dinners: Recipients will have the privilege of attending two mentor dinners with the multi-specialty leaders of 425 Dental. These dinners provide a unique networking opportunity. You’ll gain insights into the dental industry from experienced professionals.
  • Shadowing at the Facility: Recipients will have the opportunity to shadow dental professionals at our state-of-the-art, multi-specialty facility. This hands-on experience will offer valuable exposure to real-world dental practices and enhance learning.
  • Dental Business Coaching: Scholarship recipients will receive guidance and coaching on dental business strategies from our expert team. This coaching will help them understand the business aspects of dentistry and equip them with skills for future success.
  • 425 Smiles Event: As part of our commitment to community service, recipients will have the opportunity to volunteer at our annual 425 Smiles event. This event is presented in partnership with UW Dental School and PMI Hygiene Program, where the 425 Dental team provides free dental care to individuals in need within our community alongside students from both programs and local dental professional volunteers. By participating, recipients will not only contribute to the community but also gain valuable hands-on experience.


Application Process:

To apply for the 425 Dental Scholarship, interested students will need to complete the following steps:

  • Short Video: Applicants will be requested to record a short video answering select questions provided by 425 Dental. This video allows students to showcase their passion for dental hygiene and communicate their aspirations.
  • Application Form: Students will need to fill out an application form below, which will require their personal information, academic background, and any relevant achievements or extracurricular activities.


Selection Criteria:

The two (2) scholarship recipients will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated passion for the field of dentistry.
  • Leadership potential and involvement in community service.
  • Articulate communication skills as demonstrated in the video submission.
  • Potential to benefit from the mentorship and opportunities offered by 425 Dental.


Important Dates:
  • Application Submission Deadline: [Specify the date].
  • Scholarship Recipient Announcement: [Specify the date].
  • Mentorship Program and other activities will commence after the recipient announcement.


Required Time Commitments:

Day 1 – Semester 5:

  • Arrive at 425 Dental around 12:00 PM for lunch and introductions.
  • Observational immersion in a full day of RDH activities until 5:00 PM with paying attention to the flow of an RDH’s day, patient interactions, and education in oral health in a private practice.
  • Dinner and discussion hosted by Dr. Oleg and Lead RDH to discuss: review of the day with answering any questions they have, basics of dental economics, intro to business in dentistry, what to think about and focus as they are approaching their last semesters in the hygiene program to be a strong provider.

Day 2 – Semester 6

  • Arrival at 425 Dental at the beginning of a full day, 7:00 AM.
  • Focus on co-diagnosing, time management, staff utilization, and productivity.
  • Lunch with Lead RDH and Dr. Oleg for further discussions and insights.
  • Continued observational engagement in RDH activities and patient care.
  • Dinner and discussion hosted by Dr. Oleg and Lead RDH to reflect on the day, continuing to build on the economics of dentistry, understanding dental insurance, how to interview and pick the right dental home, and how to interact with a team now that you’re a provider.

Day 3 – 425 Smiles Day

  • Volunteer participation in the 425 Smiles event (usually on a Saturday in April), starting at 7:00 AM and concluding around 2:00 PM.
  • Interact with dental students and provide dental care to the community in need.
  • Work side by side with UW Dental Students and other volunteers.
  • Practice clinical skills, co-diagnosing, and team collaboration in a supportive environment.
  • Gain firsthand experience of community engagement and giving back.



The 425 Dental Scholarship for Pima Medical Institute Hygiene Students aims to provide financial support, mentorship, and valuable experiences to deserving individuals pursuing a career in dental hygiene. By combining financial assistance with opportunities for professional growth, networking, and community engagement, we strive to empower dental hygiene students and nurture the next generation of dental professionals.

About 425 Dental
425 Dental is the Eastside’s most advanced family and specialty dental care practice. Our integrated care model promises our patients the ability to visit us for whatever dental care is needed- from a simple cleaning to more advanced specialty work. This is accomplished with a team of skilled dental care providers, including specialists who operate just across the hall and are on the same charting system as our general dentists. Clear doctor-specialist communication, smooth scheduling, and fantastic care during every visit are all benefits our patients find within our doors.

At 425 Dental, we believe that culture is one of the most valuable assets for a dental practice to foster. We have always strived to act as good caretakers of our company culture since day one, as it is not something that can be replicated. Building an ideal culture for our team and our community is paramount, and as a leader in providing comprehensive dental care, 425 Dental is in a unique position to continue doing so. Hard work, dedication, and respect are all elements that we hold in high regard.

Application Form


Please select 1-3 questions below to answer via video and upload below

  • Why did you choose to pursue a career in dental hygiene, and what motivates you to excel in this field?
  • Share an experience or accomplishment that demonstrates your commitment to the dental hygiene profession and your dedication to patient care.
  • How do you envision utilizing your dental hygiene education and skills to make a positive impact on the oral health of individuals and communities.
  • Describe any extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or leadership roles you have been involved in that highlights your teamwork, communication, and organizational skills.
  • In your opinion, what are some of the current challenges or opportunities in the field of dental hygiene, and how do you plan to contribute to overcoming these challenges or leveraging these opportunities?
Accepted file types: mp4, mov, Max. file size: 32 MB.