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  • We are a Five-star GOOGLE/YELP rated practice.
  • Lowest Fees Guaranteed. Nearly 40% Less than average orthodontic costs (over $3,000 in savings).
  • Fastest and best results with individualized care. Average case completion of 6-12 months.
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How Can 425 Dental Offer Comprehensive Invisalign Treatment at Such a Low Price?


425 Dental is proud to be a VIP Diamond+ Invisalign provider - that means we’re among not only the top Invisalign providers in the Pacific Northwest but also across the entire country! Dr. Oleg and our Invisalign Team have multiple award-winning cases and recognition directly from Invisalign, all of which reflect the top ratings 425 Dental has on Google and Yelp.


It’s because of our years of expertise that we are able to charge less than the average costs, not more. Our VIP Diamond+ Invisalign provider status isn’t just a title - it means we are eligible for cost savings that we pass on directly to you!


We’re dedicated to helping our neighbors and friends near and far achieve their dream smiles without breaking the bank. Visit us in-office or virtually for a complimentary Invisalign consultation - we’d be thrilled to help you, too!

What Does All-Inclusive Mean?

If you are considering another provider, ask about the cost of these potential add -ons. You won’t find a better all-inclusive deal.

  • Initial consult
  • X-rays
  • Photos
  • All visits
  • All Invisalign treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • Any necessary corrections
  • Includes retainers
  • We won’t stop until you are happy with your smile

425 Dental’s Invisalign® Profile

  • North American AACA Invisalign Golden Aligner 2018 Life Changer Case Winner
  • North American Invisalign 2017 Case Shootout Semi-Finalist
  • North American Invisalign 2019 Case Shootout Semi-Finalist in All 4 Categories
  • Advanced Invisalign Training across US and Costa Rica’s Invisalign Facility
  • Among the Top Invisalign Providers in WA State
  • Key Opinion Leader of an exclusive Invisalign Team of Treating Dentists known as Reingage
  • AACA Invisalign Top Doctor Award 2018
  • Reingage Invisalign Doctor of the Year Award 2017
  • Selected by Invisalign to develop/pilot new products
  • Advanced Training in Multiple Orthodontic Acceleration Techniques
  • Top Rated Yelp Dentist in Issaquah, WA
  • American Academy of Clear Aligners, Executive Board Member
  • VIP Diamond Plus Top 1% Provider
  • International lecturer on Invisalign for the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA) and Align Technology

Benefits of doing Invisalign our office:

No gooey impressions, we use an iTero® digital scanner that’ll show a before and after of your teeth in 5 minutes

Anything that you would need before, during or after treatment can be done in our office, including cosmetics

Free bleaching during Invisalign® treatment

Invisalign® FAQs

What is the Invisalign treatment process?

Your journey to a dream smile begins with the Invisalign experts here at 425 Dental. With state-of-the-art technology, we’ll be able to map out your mouth and create a custom treatment plan for you, as well as show you expected results throughout the treatment.


Once your custom aligners are created, you’ll begin to wear them - alot. In order for Invisalign treatment to be effective, you’ll need to keep the aligners on for a minimum of 20 hours per day, along with swapping out your aligners every couple of weeks. You’ll be expected to begin seeing results within just a few weeks as the aligners gradually shift your teeth into place.


As long as you follow the treatment plan correctly and make all the appropriate visits to our dental office, 425 Dental Invisalign patients can generally complete their treatment within 6-12 months!

Can I get Invisalign treatment on only the top or bottom row of teeth?

Yes! Everyone’s situation is different, meaning only one row of teeth may need Invisalign treatment rather than both. The decision to go with one row rather than both should be discussed with your orthodontist, however, as aligning both rows of teeth could have longer-term benefits, even if you think one of the rows looks fine already.

How do I find out if I'm a candidate?

Invisalign treatment is versatile, so in many cases patients will find out  they’re perfect candidates for the clear aligners! There are only a few reasons why Invisalign treatment may not be possible or may need to be postponed. These include:


  • Overly severe misalignment
  • Presence of gum disease or cavities
  • The need for large oral procedures or surgery
  • The presence of implants or bridges
  • TMJ issues


Thes best way to determine your eligibility for Invisalign is by scheduling a consultation with the orthodontist! They’ll be able to provide an examination and inform you of any issues that may prevent Invisalign treatment.

How often do I have to visit the dental office with a typical Invisalign treatment?

One of the great features of Invisalign treatment is that you’ll require fewer visits to the dental office than if you were using traditional braces. You’ll generally come and visit us once every six weeks for a quick in-and-out visit. Appointments can easily work around your busy schedule. We’ll ensure everything is working the way it should be and send you on your way!

Invisalign® Pearls

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