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By S.C. Snoqualmie, WA.



“Truly a five-star dentist, staff, and office! “From the front office to the dental assistants and Dr. Oleg and Dr. Nikole, they all are amazing. This office is truly patient-focused, making sure every aspect of your experience is nothing but comfortable, easy, and positive.


I have had two cleanings here and two fillings. My four-year-old son also has had great experiences at this office for his cleanings. It feels like everyone is genuinely concerned about making sure every patient that comes through their office is well taken care of and leaves comfortable and happy. Dr. Oleg personally called me in the evening after my filings to make sure I was feeling okay and not in any discomfort. Who does that?


When I had my filings done, they were sure to get the TV situated on a show that I liked, had a paraffin treatment on my hands, and even stopped during the procedure to put some chap stick on my dry lips. I was impressed that they noticed and took the time to stop what they were doing to give me the comfort of chap stick.

They are great. If you’re looking for a new dentist, try Dr. Oleg and Dr. Young. You won’t be let down. The last cleaning I had done here was so comfortable and thorough. I mentioned how I really enjoyed this water pick tool my last dentist used to clean around my permanent retainer and they didn’t hesitate to grab that same tool.


They are quick to respond to email if you’re too busy to call for an appointment. They have always been able to schedule my family and I quickly for appointments, even by email. I really hate offices where you feel like you’re getting punished by asking to reschedule an appointment and them giving you another appointment months away. They are so friendly and flexible when you need to reschedule, which is so refreshing for a dental office. They can easily get you back on the schedule.


Parking is plentiful with parking spots wide enough for large SUVs and trucks. “On one occasion, I overheard a hallway conversation the receptionist had with Dr. Oleg about seeing a new patient the same day for a toothache. Even though they were close to closing, Dr. Oleg did not hesitate about having the patient come in right away, even though it probably would have been more convenient for everyone if the patient came in the next day. What a great guy.”

By James A., Renton, WA



“I just started seeing Dr. Oleg this year, as I’ve transferred my dental services from Dr. Sakuma in Kirkland to his office, since he is closer to where I live now. “I have to say, of all the years of my going to dental offices, he runs the tightest, most polite, most caring, and certainly the friendliest of offices I’ve ever been to.


He’s a straight shooter, and I really appreciate that. He doesn’t BS me with fake pleasantries of how beautiful the weather is, etc. He’s a dentist, and cares very much for my oral health. He makes it HIS BUSINESS to make sure my teeth are in the best possible shape they can be, for the length of my life. He’s also very respectful of MY time and my comfort. Folks, isn’t it great to talk to someone who is a great listener when it comes to any issues you may have with your teeth? Someone who really makes you feel like no one else is in the room, but you and her/him? He is THE MAN.


I especially love the fact that he calls you later in the evening to check up on you to be sure that you’re feeling okay. That your appointment went well, etc. A very nice touch. I’ve never ever recommended a dental office before in my life, but this is definitely one office that I highly recommend! The front office is very clean. The chairs that you lay in are comfortable and clean. Carpets and floors are clean. Counter-tops are all clean. Everyone is very neatly dressed and clean, as well.

Oh, almost forgot one of the best things I hold about this office. Their billing department are all phenomenal! Have you ever gone to a dentist, had work done, get done with your appointment, and before you leave they already know what your bill will be? This office doesn’t fool around. They even know ahead of time what your NEXT appointment will end up costing, with your insurance taken into account. This is great in case you wanted to inquire about various services, to ascertain if you truly want to get the work done or not, and weigh the cost to value of what it’ll end up costing you. “I came in for a cleaning, and had to set up a time to get my bite-guard done for my next appointment. While I sat down to make my next appointment for the bite-guard, they already knew what it’d cost me to have all of that done. THAT is service! Service that I really, really appreciate. I wish clinics and hospitals were like this more often. From what they told me what it’d cost, I made the decision right there and then that it was a great value for the money, and went ahead to get the service done. (I clench my teeth very very hard, when I work out at the gym, and it’s taking a toll on my bite.)


At any rate, he runs a fantastic office. Every single employee is great. They are fantastic. Everyone are all engaged and excited about what they’re doing. They care for the patient. It is clearly evident to me they all love what they are doing. “Dr. Oleg, thank you very much for taking great care of my wife and I. Can I bring my dog in too, to have his teeth cleaned? 😉 “A+++++++++++++++ HOME RUN ALL THE WAY!”

By Sveta A. Bothell, WA



“Was recommended to Dr. Oleg by a friend, and I’m so thankful! Have been on a search for a good dentist for a while and I can say I’ve finally found one! The office is very very clean and peaceful, almost spa-like. The reception area is very cute and cozy.


I needed to get a cleaning and check up, as it’s been a while. Rebecca did a great job with taking my X-rays and explaining the pictures to me. She, along the rest of the staff, was very friendly and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Nikole did my exam, and she was wonderful. Very gentle and thorough. I had a couple of concerns and she took the time to explain what my options were to achieve what I was looking for. I never felt pressured into getting any work done. I needed to get a filling and a retainer for night, and my schedule was pretty limited because I have a small baby. The whole office was very accommodating.

The hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth. She was gentle and it was pain-free. Afterward I got a great explanation of what the best way for my teeth brushing and flossing would be. “I came to see Dr. Oleg for my filling, and he was wonderful as well. Shots and drilling are never fun, but Dr. Oleg made it pretty much painless and super gentle. Typically when I’ve had fillings done in the past the dentist kept having to polish it afterward several times to make it smooth and even. I have to say Dr. Oleg has magic hands, because after the first polish it felt perfect! I didn’t even feel like there was a filling in there! Thank you! Oh, and I forgot to mention they have TVs over the exam chair, so I got to watch a movie instead of listening to drilling, which was great. “I think what sealed the deal for me was that at the end of the end I received a phone call from Dr. Oleg checking to see how I was doing and feeling. How many doctors do that?! “Highly recommend this office and both Dr. Oleg and Dr. Nikole! See you in six months!”

By Ieva K., Edmonds, WA



“I finally went in to become a full-fledged patient. It took me a while, as I was afraid of the dentist and after the initial visit have been building myself up to go see Dr. Oleg after the open house. After this visit, I wish I hadn’t waited so long!


I got a chance to meet Dr. Young, who is Dr. Oleg’s wife, and both Dr. Young and Dr. Oleg were amazing! I have never had a more thorough exam with detailed explanations of what I need done and why. Dr. Young explained to me why I need a filling placed and showed me what it looks like on their X-ray system on the TV. She did not judge or lecture me for not coming in sooner or being regular about my cleanings, and I actually felt comfortable with her. I’ve been to a lot of dentists, but appreciated how genuine she was and did not talk down to me. She took 30 minutes to explain everything to me and even showed me videos on an iPad to help explain. After all that explanation I felt comfortable enough to schedule an appointment to have the filling done.

The day of the filling went as smooth as butter. Dr. Young did not start on anything until I felt relaxed with paraffin and noise-canceling headphones; she was the first dentist who did not rush me into treatment!!


I did not feel the SHOT and she was done before I finished watching my TV show 🙂 


What surprised me the most was that Dr. Young called me later that evening to check up on me … what?! I’ve never had a dentist do that!! All of these reasons are why I have taken the time to write this review, definitely I will be going back, I just wish I would have gone in sooner.”

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