Clinical Scorecard done on monthly/quarterly

Exam break down to assess keeping exams split between docs:

Additional questions:

  • Quality of clinical work
  • Quality patient interactions
  • Team culture development and interactions
  • Support of other GP’s with anesthetic when needed
  • Properly dividing NP/Recare exam to maintain evenness of business of providers, can use Doctor Exam Breakdown above for reference
  • Proper notes for new patient exams and complex treatment
  • Proper scheduling of treatment to maximize use of clinical team and patient’s time
  • Review of Lab Portal emails to make sure that all emails get sent
  • Staying on time for restorative procedures, i.e. anesthetic, prep, scan review, refine
  • Staying on time for RDH exams/NP exams and notifying other docs when help needed
  • Knowing when running and being proactive to support restorative team
  • Properly utilizing specialists at 425 following Specialist Protocols