Full or Part Time RDH

425 Dental – Issaquah, WA

New Grads Welcome to Apply!

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$54 – $58 an hour

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If you are reading this and are looking into applying, we are sure that you already have your RDH license and know what your role entails. We don’t want you to waste time reading on what you’ll be doing as an RDH; rather, let’s jump into the opportunity we have to offer and why this is such an amazing opportunity for established RDH’s and new grads alike!


-We’re proudly offering a $3k sign-on bonus for this position – Apply for more details!-


Hear Directly from Our RDH Team About This Amazing Opportunity!


Who should apply for this position:

  • IF you embrace change, creativity, and innovation
  • IF you like the energy of a highly productive busy synergistic practice and team
  • IF you embrace technology and computers
  • IF you have strong communication skills
  • IF you thrive in a drama and gossip free culture
  • IF you support others and seek support in a team setting
  • IF you are a patient-centered provider
  • IF you want to work for a top-rated dental office!

IF you pass any of the above criteria, read on…


The Benefits of Being an RDH at 425 Dental:

  • Take advantage of $1,500 CE credit a year that can be used for travel purposes.
  • Our structured onboarding process allows more time at the beginning to help you adapt and not feel rushed.
  • Comradery of having an RDH team to discuss difficult cases, learn techniques and grow as a provider. Our current RDH team consists of 4 full-time hygienists.
  • Lead RDH that meets with you monthly one-on-one to discuss how you are doing and in what areas she can help you grow professionally and personally (paid meeting).
  • Department monthly meetings with your RDH team to review how the hygiene department is doing, where we can grow, review challenging patients, review protocols or come up with new ones, discuss CE opportunities (paid meeting).
  • Full Team meeting every 2 months to discuss growth and celebrate our accomplishments, discuss the future and challenges ahead (paid meeting).
  • Enjoy more time per appointment to allow for flexibility to adapt/transition from the school setting to private practice.
  • Integrated family and specialty care model, not GP’s doing specialty work. We have an Oral Surgeon, Endodontist, Periodontist, and Prosthodontist, meaning the level of care and treatment planning is top-notch, always putting patients’ care first. Everyone works in the same building under the same charting system, so notes are easily found and referrals of your patients are easily handled
  • In-house periodontist that can see challenging periodontally involved patients and offer suggestions on treatment, flap surgery, and help improve the outcome on those difficult cases
  • Support Team with entry-level DA’s to help with turnover, PC, water refills
  • Opportunity for leadership and growth
  • We don’t ask you to clock out if you get an opening in your schedule
  • We’ll buy loupes and light! If you already have loupes and light then we will reimburse you for them.
  • We use an instrument sharpening service – no need to sharpen your own!


About Us:

  • Top Team in America! Nicest people you’d want to work within dentistry 😉
  • Top GP Invisalign Team in the Pacific Northwest, lecture for American Academy of Clear Aligners and Invisalign. Semifinalist in all categories for North American Invisalign Summit competitions
  • Strongly adhere to our clear vision, mission and follow core values in making decisions and holding teams/leadership accountable
  • Transparency in decision making and growth
  • Travel together, pre-COVID, hoping to resume soon
  • COVID vaccines are encouraged, but not mandated
  • Beautiful state of the art facilities, family care suite focused on general dentistry, specialty care suite focused on specialty care, and Invisalign
  • Top rated on google and yelp
  • Very strong culture that is connected via WhatsApp in engaging with other team members and seeing life outside of the dental office
  • Snacks stocked at the office, yes we have TrailMix and Cheez-Its
  • No corporate ownership, started and owned by Dr. Oleg and Dr. Nikole Shvartsur
  • No elevator music, we like our reggae, country, and some Katy Perry
  • Grew through COVID, our Leads did an amazing job of securing trust and confidence in their teams and patients they see
  • Security and trust in leadership and your team, knowing that no matter what changes in the dental industry that 425 Dental will be there for the long run


About our Hygiene Program

  • No assisted or accelerated hygiene, regular 60 min appt for prophy and perio maintenance, 60 min SRP’s per quadrant
  • New patients are seen for 60 min prior to RDH appointment, for FMX (not BW and PANO), full set of IO/EO photos, 30 min with DA, and 30 min DDS
  • X-rays every 12 months, we don’t let patients go longer than 2 years without x-rays (our BW series includes anterior PA’s even if insurance doesn’t pay, we make sure do what’s best for our patients)
  • Perio charts and x-rays alternate so we stay on top of our patients’ care
  • We have not experienced RDH turnover for 4 years! Our current team of 5 RDHs have grown alongside us throughout the years, and are a testament to how closely we work with one another!


Practice Management Software/technology:

  • Dentrix (digital charting/notes)
  • Dexis (digital sensors)
  • IO Cameras for each operatory
  • CBCT
  • PANO
  • CEPH
  • iTero Scanners



  • Position is for part time or full time
  • Office is open M-Th 7am-5pm, Fridays 7-2pm


Benefits (the boring stuff that everyone else has):

  • Hourly pay depends on experience, value you bring to our team and to our patients
  • Good medical plan, as the owners and their kids are on it
  • 401k
  • Dental
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid CE up to $1500; including travel
  • Paid loupes/loupe light; if already bought then we will refund you (upto $1500)


What’s NEXT?

  • Read our reviews on Google: https://goo.gl/maps/i95G4rnDudC2
  • Read our reviews on yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/425-dental-issaquah
  • Stock us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/425Dental/
  • Stock us on IG: https://www.instagram.com/425dental/
  • Ask your dental friends about us and our reputation
  • Check out our website: https://425dental.com/
  • See our specialty suite tour video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhKEdyaFZLI
  • See our hiring page to see more reasons to join our team (RDH position might not be live on there yet as our opportunities fill fast): https://425dental.com/join-our-team/