Big Changes coming our way – it’s hard hat time

It’s time to put on those hard hats – the office is under construction! Okay, you don’t actually have to wear a hard hat when you visit. But, we are making some pretty big changes around here.

We’re excited to announce that Dr. Nikole Young Shvartsur will come on board as a full-time member of the team! Now that our son, Sammy, is getting older, she is able to dedicate more time to the practice. In an effort to make this dream a reality, we will start construction by the end of the year to expand the office. The additional space will enable us to work closely together, provide more service offerings, and complete treatment the same day it’s diagnosed.

Some of the benefits new and existing patients will experience with the remodel include:

  • More treatment rooms to create increased flexibility for scheduling emergency visits, same-day dentistry, and follow-up appointments.
  • More face-time with both Dr. Nikole and Dr. Oleg, providing you with the experience of a true family practice.
  • A beautifully updated comfort suite, private consultation room, and new front office.
  • A wider range of service offerings for our patients.
  • Updated technology for our dental and sterilization equipment, providing you access to the most state-of-the-art advancements in dentistry. This new technology will also provide more treatment options for our patients and better ways to communicate those options to you.
  • A new front office for easier and more efficient check-ins and check-outs.
  • Access to Laughing Gas in every room for patients who select sedation dentistry.

Construction of the office will launch in phases so that patients can receive uninterrupted care during this time. Our office will continue to operate under normal business hours until the project’s completion in the coming months.

We think you are going to love what you see and are excited to share updates along the way! Be sure to check us out on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Google+ for progress photos.

And, stay tuned for forthcoming information on our grand reopening event!